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Battery not charging on Monster 2009

Anyone have experience with Monster battery not charging? If stator diagnosed as OK, regulator replaced, what are the other suspects?

  • Battery starts at 12.3v and ends 3-4mile ride at 10.5v
  • Motorcycle Mechanic (MM) voltage tested stator and OK
  • MM recommended replace REGULATOR but battery still not charging
  • Rotating through 2 different batteries and both end with low voltage
  • Acid battery 18mths & 3 mths old

  • Bike complete shut down at traffic stop and would not start again
  • Had it towed
  • Figured it was bad battery and bought Li-Ion battery but that died
  • Went to mech shop for help and they helped me test with voltage meter
  • Stator ruled out as OK and replaced regulator as likely culprit but battery still not charging and voltage reading in the 10s according to bike OSD
  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Never had issues with bike running until 3 months ago with the shut down
  • Installed, pigtail for battery tenderer, front and rear cameras
  • Using Noco GENIUS1 to charge batteries. Supports acid, AGM and Li-Ion
  • YTX14H-BS 18mth old
  • Caltric Agm Battery 3mth old
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