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Barrett-Jackson 2007; Who's gonna be there?

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Hi everybody in AZ

I'm heading down to Scottsdale in January. A buddy of mine invited a group of us to stay at his home in Scottsdale and go to the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. I'm planning on being in Scottsdale from Jan 18-21.

Anybody from the AZDRA going to attend the Barrett auction? Your advice about tickets/logistics/parking would be welcomed. It would also be fun to meet up at the auction maybe? Our tentative plan is to buy tickets for Friday and Saturday (Jan 19 and 20).

Also, is anyone familiar with MCTours? I've been thinking about renting an MTS1000 or a Monster to ride around the area, and Monica (owner) seemed really nice on the phone. Their site is www.azride.com .

IZ (Adam) sent me a PM with some cool Scottsdale restaurants/clubs/etc., so we may have to do some of that too... ;)


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Hi and welcome! Barrett-Jackson? Cool show, tickets easy to get, logistics and especially parking usually a nightmare. Let us know when you get here. [thumbsup]

The show goes from Jan 13 - 21.

Bunner74 is going to be renting Ducs from that outfit next week http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php?topic=63434.0. You could probably touch base with him to see how his experience goes.
OK, I'm feeling some January partying coming on... >:D
ducducdave said:
OK, I'm feeling some January partying coming on... >:D
YEAHHHHHHH!!!! [thumbsup]
Someone please tell those idiotic producers to take the lens off their TV camers that make all
the lights and shiny spots on the cars look like 5 or 7 pointed stars..

it drives me crazy and distorts the details of the cars. kind of self-defeating.

otherwise- great show....would like to see in person.
Barrett- Jackson is a blast to go too. usually alot of pretty cool cars and good looking eye candy everywhere. i got a great and free...albeit shady parking spot is close to the gates. lots ol' alcohol and many things to do for all kinds of ages and types. my advice is to go the 18th and the 20th...last day is just sad because the show is over and alot of the cars are gone by then as well.
Hey, hey, it's getting on toward time for the partying! What's up?
ducducdave said:
Hey, hey, it's getting on toward time for the partying! What's up?
Well, for starters, who's going to the auction? Anybody? I've got tickets for Friday and Saturday, and I expect to spend most of each day at the auction. It would be fun to meet up at the auction, if there will be other DML'ers in the crowd.

After that, well, I've got nuthin' planned.

Where do y'all hang out on Friday+Saturday nights? Anywhere near Scottsdale?
bluemoco said:
Where do y'all hang out on Friday+Saturday nights? Anywhere near Scottsdale?
Hey Blue: We could all meet up at the Pavilions (101 and Indian Bend) on Saturday evening. There's a car/bike show there each saturday. It's kinda cool for us locals and probably really cool for an out-of-towner.
I was at Barrett Thursday.....what a disappointment. If you like 60's Corvettes (lot's of em'), Mustangs, Recreation-Custom-Tribute...FAKE Hemi's, GT350's, Shelby's, Camaro's even Porsches, by all means spend your $45 dollars getting in.
There is an outside vendor (in the center) who has quite a few Ducati miniatures though. If you like books, another outside vendor has a couple of Ducati books left. I bought a SS book from him. If you like 1/43 scale models, an older guy on the far west end right by the doors has an interesting collection at reasonable prices.
BTW - a hot dog, a bottled coke and a Polish sausage is $14.50! Lemonade is $5.45 and Nachos are $5.00. Have fun!
I didn't see any special motorcycle parking either. They were being parked out in the dirt with the rest of the cars. Not Ducati friendly because of the deep gravel.
Anyone tried Russo-Steel?
Well, we had a decent day yesterday at the auction. This rain is a drag, but hopefully it'll be dry today and we can spend a little more time outside in the open tents.

AZ800SS -- you're right. There seemed to be a lot of "re-creation" cars, and that's disappointing. However, there's still plenty of good stuff, too.

We're heading back to the auction today. We'll be there from about noon 'til 9pm. After that, I think we might head out on the town. rule62 -- I like the idea of that car/bike night. I'll throw that out to my group of traveling companions and see if we've got any interest.

Final note -- considering the rain and cold, I'm kinda glad I didn't rent a bike for this trip. I think I'm going to have to make a separate trip and do some tourin' around this corner of AZ. It's beautiful here, and I think I'd need to have a few days to see everything I'd wanna see.

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