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Bar risers...or new bars for my '01 600?

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I just want to bring the riding position up a smidge, but I get conflicting answers about new bars (which, of course, should be called 'handleBAR' but that is another topic!) vs. bar risers.

Replacing the handlebars would be cheaper, but some say various cables would also have to be replaced.

Is that not true with risers? And, if not...why not? Aren't they both bringing the controls farther away from the orignal mount?

Any help..?

2001 600 Monster Metallic (it is NOT pink!)
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I installed a set of risers on my 03 m800. they lifted the bars up about 1 1/2" and moved them back 3/4".
All of they cables fit except the fast idle lever's cable which was a bit tight. I relocated the LH switch assembly in about 1/2" to gain some slack.

I had a local machine shop make them and cost was $35.00, if you want the details PM me and I'll send a PDF with the dimensions..

It made a big difference in the riding position and took a lot of weight off my wrists.
Ken, I am interested. I have a 2002 M750 which probably shares the same dimensions as your M800...
Gen Mar makes a real nice set of bar risers, and I highly recomend them. They are at


If you call them they have them in both black and silver for your bike. Make sure you get the ones for your bike, because I am pretty sure your bike has 7/8 inch bars (like mine), and S2 and up have 1 1/8 inch thick bars.

If you calll them instead of buying on the internet its like $4.00 cheaper to boot - go figure.

After going through this whole thing myself (new bars or bar risers, etc), I bought the Gen Mars and are real happy with them. They raise the bar enough to make it comfortable now, and remove some of the weight off of my hands. This was on a new M695, and I am 5 foot 9.

All the cables and hoses will work with the gen mar risers, although I had to loosen and rotate the brake lines banjo fitting at the master cylinder to get enough lengh to make it work. BTW: I got air in my brake line when I did this. I just pushed both brake calipers in and it pushed the air bubble back into the master cylinder.

The Gen Mars are a 1 1/4 inch lift. Any greater lift, and I would have need new lines, and electric cables. I have been told that other bars work nicely, including the city bars, but be prepared for some work. Aperently, the handle bar switches are indexed and have a nipple on the insede of them that is designed to go into a hole on the bars. The Gen Mars slip right in.

My 2 cents worth.

Brian F
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