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Bar end turn signal help

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Ok guys, I know exactly nothing about wiring. Its so easy but so complicated for some reason. I bought the bar end turn signals from M750Dark, here they are:

Before I mounted them I wanted to make sure they worked, and they didn't. So heres what I know. I plug in the yellow wire to the striped signal wire behind the headlight. As seen in the picture the signals don't have another wire running with the yellow wire, so it has no ground wire. It does however have these spring like wires sticking off of the bolt that runs inside the bar. I'm guessing this is what the ground is. The bar end signals did not work at all, but the rear ones did. I initially thought it had no real good ground so I bolted a real ground to the bolt and it still did not work. This is all I know

Heres what happened. The first time we hooked it all up to test them, the rear turn signal blinked real fast just like it does when it does not have front turn signals at all. Then a fuse blew.
Got another fuse, this time the rears were not blinking fast, I think it has something to do with the relay, but were blinking normally, still no sign of life from the bar end signal at all. Then the fuse blew again.
Got another fuse, now no signals are working at all. We test the relay and its blown. And we stopped working. Once I get a new relay I'll start in again. You can get them at auto stores right? Also I have aluminum clip ons, will that make a difference once we get all this figured out as far as grounding?

so theres the story, long I know, but I thought I'd be thorough that way we can be progressive. I definetely need help on this one, but I am confident you guys can help me though it. Thanks

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Ducati wires the ground through the flasher so you can't use the spring wire ground. There are two wires wired to the stock blinkers you need to wire directly to BOTH of those. One runs from the switch to the bulb and then back to the flasher then to ground.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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