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I have a 2002 monster dark and have been modding it. its the best thing ive ever purchased in my entire life. got it back in may.

anyways, i recently added some bar end 3 inch convex mirrors and i gotta say, while the look of the bike changed from mickey mouse to AWESOME, im not so sure how i feel about the utility of bar ends.

i found RIZOMA DYNAMIC mirrors and they look likey they're awesome, but its gonna cost me about $220.00 with the parts to bolt them on.

i'm a big rear view mirror checker. im always glancing back and checking my 360 while riding, and i feel like the bar ends take too much time to look down at and the damn image in the mirror is so small and then the convex throws off distance. i signaled to turn into a lane today and thought a car was WAYYYYYY back...then i turned my head to check and he was right on my tail...

so, i think im gonna have to get rid of the bar end mirrors. if anyone wants them, i'll sell em on the cheap.

but, what do you fellas think about the RIZOMA DYNAMICS? anyone have pix of them on their duc?

lemmie know if any of you want a pair of aftermarket black bar ends.

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