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I bought a used 2000 M750 early this summer and live in south Baltimore city. I only recently saw this Mid-Atlantic group within the DML.
I was wondering, are there any other baltimore monsters around? I've definitely seen monsters around town, but don't know if they are on the DML. Also, do you guys ever work on your bikes? Some good local shared knowledge would be great as a new owner - as well as a good resource for tech questions.
I am looking to change my chain and sprockets soon - does anyone have any experience with this? Anyone own a chain-breaker tool kit? I think this is a relatively easy job, but I've never done it before so any words of wisdom would be helpful.
Thanks - and hopefully I'll see you around!


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I am about 30 min north of you in Harford County Aberdeen area. Some nice roads up this way let me know if you want to go riding sometime.
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