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Bad Fuel Pump?

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1998 M750
Carbs jetted, Arrow pipes

You tell me is this the signs of a bad fuel pump.
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I've had mine die a block and a half from home... twice..

Saturday I had replaced the timing belts and hadn't ridden it. Yesterday, I was leaving and it died. Took off the seat, raised the tank and started it.. Made sure fuel line/ vac lines weren't kinked and lowered the tank and secured it. Rode away and got a nice 100 miler in the country w/ my son on his Suzuki (poor college student, no Duc for him).

BTW, I'm thinking that the large plastic insulating foam thingie (that's a technical term right??) can go away and may be causing the pinched fuel or vacuum line..
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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