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I got my M900 used, rode it a few hundred miles then thought I had a worn clutch. It is my first Duc and I was not aware of the slave recall so I replace the plates with some Barnett one's along with new springs. When I found out about the bad slaves, I installed a EVO slave. 1000miles later, my clutch is slipping after mild use, as if worn out.
I ride mellow, no burn outs, wheelies.

Any ideas? Worn plates after 1000miles? I see no leaks from the slave. I see no oil or crap getting to the clutch. I have an open Rizoma clutch cover.

BTW, the clutch pressure plate should be spinning with the clutch engage and when disengaged, correct??


your clutch disks might be glazed over a bit? try pulling the stack (note their order for reinstallation), give them a light sanding and reinstall.
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