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Re: Pictures for MONSTRACK Backrest/rack!!

That looks interesting. One more picture showing some more profile would be helpful. It looks like it would probably help a passenger stay planted on that turtle-backed Monster seat with less effort, but it also looks like it would create some pressure points on the passenger's back fairly quickly.

Has it undergone much real-world ride testing?

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Re: Pictures for MONSTRACK Backrest/rack!!

Now that Jeff has helped me get the pictures on the board, I must qualify what you are seeing.

This picture represents the framework only, the padding for the backrest itself is being worked on at 2 upholstery shops and should be ready soon.

To answer your questions, there are more pictures to click on with Jeff H's post..

A few accessories that are not represented here, that will be offered in the near future

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How easy can it be removed?

Will it be practical to install it for 2up riding and to remove it when done?

Will the frame get scratched where the backrest mounts?


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Three things you'll find on bikes that aren't meant to be ridden seriously:
  • Audio systems
  • Cruise controls
  • Backrests
You'll never find any of those things on one of my bikes. 8)

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If a back rest makes my wife comfortable on the back of my S4, I can sacrifice when she rides pillion. I agree with you on the other two attention distractions mentioned above, they don't belong on a monster.

Keep it simple, multi-use, and low profile and I will consider one. I hate tank bags and backpacks on a bike because I see them as a potential safety problem. If you can use this for a soft case mount, it makes commuting that much safer. Nice to see someone finally has a commuter and a sport rider in mind. At least it isn't chrome plated w/ leather tassels!

If you want a cruiser buy a Harley, if you want sport touring buy a BMW, if you want a SBK then buy one. If you want a great multi functional platform to do all three, customize your monster.

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Thank you MonstaS4,

Your comments about the simplicity are exactly what we had in mind.

The entire system will take about 5 minutes to install the mounts as well as the backrest, as far as taking the rest off after the co-pilot is done riding? As fast as you can turn an 8mm hex wrench..is how long it will take. We originally made a knurled aluminum lock nut, but it caused the unit to be 4" wider. Our goal in design was to keep the overall width within the rearsets. This will keep the passenger from rubbing against the unit.

Daffe from the DML site is coming tomorrow to give us a hand on the padding issue. As some of you may know, he is a Chiropractor and I thought his input is what we need to properly cover all the important area of the rests to be sure and not cause pain to the co-pilot.

We look forward to his comments and I will keep you posted in our progress!

The unit was designed to have the mounts stay on the bike, the clamp that mounts to the subframe, has a self locking taper and another block encapsulates the grab bar a with .050" gap between the two to absorb any vibration.

Will the frame get scratched? No, the mounts will have a thin layer of rubber to protect from this happening.
We learned in our early prototypes by scratching the frame and I have been waiting over 1 year for my touch up paint from Ducati..

Someone had asked me earlier in a post if we are going to have it fit bikes with hi-mounts? the answer is: we are not sure, we don't know anyone personally that has them. So if there is anyone that can help us to answer that by bringing their bike to our shop in Hayward on a weekend and we will treat them to lunch and 15% oiff on any product we are offering now or something in the future. Please let me know if you are interested.

Scott, I am curious- What products would you like to have a choice on when it comes to the Monster??

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