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B-one rims

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Hi does anyone know these rims

I have a M 900 Sie (2001) and they are only for the 1000 (2003-2005)
I think i will have a problem with the backwheel axel
Does anyone know if this is a big problem or can i just put some other bearings in the wheel
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you know, for having had two sememsters of german... i can't read german worth a good goddamn.

(oh, and i can't actually answer your question... ::))
front shouldnt need changed.
the rear can be adapted from a 25-17 using different bearings and spacers.
(I would ship it to somebody that has done it before and just pay them to do the swap...but its not too big a deal)
The rear is a difficult swap as the sprocket carrier spacing is crucial for chain alignment.
I've had a few dealers try it and give up.

I would find a person that can do it before you buy the wheels.
listen to moto..i've only done the front swap. ;)

unless you're up for a project, you would be better off getting something that is made to bolt on.
I think someone with a green monster did a r6 wheel swap. If these rims fit an r6, then maybe it is the same process. IRC he said it was some what of a hassle
Yup, lotsa work but an interesting project!
And they work & look good IMO.
Oke ,went the easier way and just bought this wheel
Think a couple of bearings will do the jop (i hope) and some paint


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