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Azusa/Glendora Ride 8-30-03

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Sorry, no pictures, I suffered brain vapor lock and left the digicam at home.

We all had an excellent ride! Myself, 108, Kev and Supafly met at about 9:00 am, and proceeded to have some fun.....

We went up North San Gabriel Canyon Road, across East Fork Road to Glendora Mountain Road then up Glendora Ridge Road to Mt. Baldy Village, and back down Glendora Ridge Road to Glendora Mountain Road.

Other than a couple painfully slow cage parades on S.G. Canyon Road, and a train of comatose cruiser riders on the Ridge Road, our travels were unimpeded. A couple stops for food and refreshments at a diner on GMR (?) and at Mt. Baldy Village kept us all in good shape for the ride.

That whole loop is an awesome run, it will be even nicer later in the year when it's cooler. Maybe it'll be green in the spring, eliminate that barbecue ambiance up near the top.

Hope y'all had as much fun as I did.

To those of you that missed it, try to make it next time, it's really good twisty.
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LOL...I think I popped my shoulder out when I fell out of my chair! ;D

108, you've got untapped potential in creative writing. Good stuff.
I had something in mind along the lines of "checking the off-road capability of his S4R, and finding it made a passable dual-sport machine...", but indeed, politeness overrode disclosure.
It was the right thing to do, since I drank all of your beer. ;)

Maybe ACH next weekend? Interest seems high all across the club.
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