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Axle Size Question

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Anyone know if the 98 ST2s had the same front axle size as the 95 Monsters (M900)?

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Thanks Alex. I'm looking at a front wheel as a track spare that is supposed to be off the ST2. If it does in fact have the bigger ID bearings(waiting to hear back from the seller), do you or does anyone else have a ballpark figure for what changing out the bearings would run just for the parts?
Thanks guys. The seller confirmed the wheel was for a 25 mm axle, so I'll pass on it. I'm just casually watching for a spare front to come along on the market to use for a track wheel. I already scored a rear wheel, and I figure that's the more important one for keeping a fresh track tire on to pass tech.
Yeah, thanks. I also recently scored some pre 99 adjustable SS forks to bolt right up to the bike - just have to change the oil and check the springs out before I swap them onto the bike. :D
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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