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Awesome shopping experience (Dainese D-Store / Motovationusa.com)

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Well, here are two experiences I had today.

1) Sent an email to Motovation Sales at 5:14am requesting product information. I received a reply back at 7:09am! At 8:17, I placed an online order with them since Roland from Motovationusa.com stated in the email that they had it in stock. At 9:26am, just a little over 1 hour later, the item was packaged up and shipped with tracking confirmation.

Talk about fast email support and shipping. I believe this is way above the industry standard. Sure they might not be as big as amazon.com with millions of orders per day. But if they are just a smaller store starting out, more power to them for knowing swift communications and shipping is exactly what every customers wants. You guys are great. If I am in need of something in the future, and their price is just a tad higher, I would personally go to them just knowing they care about their customers [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

2) I recently purchased a pair of I believe Dainese Guanto speed knuckle gloves. While I was walking, I had tripped and planted my right hand against pavement in my garage. Now the palms have very minor surface scratches. However, the stiches surrounding the gloves were just completely torn apart. Also, my thumb and some fingers had stitches falling off already not related to my fall.

I emailed Dainese D-Store with their general email not expecting to hear anything back. Well, about a hour later, Michael actually read my email and responded via phone call. He offered me few solutions to the problem. Of course I wasn't completely satisfied since these were almost $300 a pair gloves, but he went and explained the few possible solutions to me. He was respectful, courteous, very helpful, and the solution were extremely acceptable to me. My next purchase and my younger brother's purchase of Dainese products will surely go to him. Again, great customer service and fast responses when you least expected it. [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

There's the good and there will always be the bad when you purchase a product. But today, for me at least, it's been a wonderful experience. Just wanted to throw some positive ions into the atmosphere. [cheeky]
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