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So I have the chance to go to an vehicle auction. I see that there are 2 Ducatis on the pre-sale list. One is a 2002 998 2157 miles red. The other is a 2001 Monster 750 Dark 12250 miles. The catch about this auction is that only authorized dealers are allowed in and I luckily have a friend who is a dealer. The book value of these bikes is now the "trade-in" value. Does that make sense? Dealers selling to dealers. Anyway the book value of the 998 is around $10,000 and the Monster is $3,800!!! That means I could get the bike for a little less than both of those, probably. Neither of these bikes have a salvage title. I currently own a 99 M900S with lots of CF.

My question is, how much do you think I could get for the monster? I figured something like 4,500 - 5,000. Its got a lot of miles and its 2002. That would give someone a chance to get on of our badass bikes at a low price!!! I might buy both the 998 and the monster and sell my monster and the other monster. Then "upgrade" to a 998!

My next question is, how many of you would "upgrade"? Notice "upgrade" is in quotes!


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Buy both, sell the monster that you buy at the auction, keep your monster and the 998. ;D (if thats an option). If not sell both monsters, then keep the 998. Then after a while of riding the 998 you can give it to me. 8)
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