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Hello all Desert Ducatisti (Phoenix, AZ local Desmo Owners Club)-

I know, if you ride a Ducati, you're a Ducatista. In this case, however, I'm primarily addressing those who have signed up to post at, or have actually joined, AZDUC.com/Desert Ducatisti -- the local Ducati Owners Club.

Due to the current situation with our former webmaster (he took down the club's website [www.AZDUC.com] before providing us the tools necessary to get the site up and running elsewhere), I'm asking all members, paid and otherwise, to e-mail Dave, the club president (contact info below), with their names and current e-mail addresses so that we may continue to communicate with you in the meantime. While we have most of the new members' info (those who've joined since this time last year), we need to rebuild and update the club's e-mailing list.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience. Also, if you happen to see or communicate with other members who don't routinely check the various Ducati-related boards, please have them e-mail Dave as well.

Thanks very much!

Dietrich Pfeifer
Desert Ducatisti - Vice President

David Cline
Desert Ducatisti - President
[email protected]
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