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Hey all,

Wanted to post some pics of the permanent airbox mod I did on my 07 S4R with full Arrow system. This may apply to riders with the S2R1000 also, who have been wrestling with the drivability issues on some 02 sensor bikes. To recap my experiences and testing, and see why opening the airbox helped me, check out this thread...


After a finding a new airbox top on ebay for $10.50, the cutting began. It's Ducati p/n and fits all Monsters that use 02 sensor. I was conscious to leave enough material upfront to help protect the filter/intake from the elements. When I test ran the bike with the top completely off, you could see the front edges of the filter looking straight down from above. Clearly water running off the tank would hit it. I measured and worked around retaining the strengthening ribs in the stock box.

As for cutting, I considered several options:
Utility Knife with fresh blade: Clean line, but after 20 minutes, I still hadn't even gone 1/3 of the way through an easy side (these things are THICK!). It also dulls blades VERY quickly.
Dremel/Die grinder with cut off wheel: In both these cases, the heat quickly melted the leading edge making the cut irregular and uneven. With enough post finishing work with a file or sanding, you could clean it up...but lots of work.
Hacksaw with fresh, fine blade: Cut easily, but the edge it left was not clean. Also, the flexibility of the blade made keeping a straight line difficult. Do able, if it's the only tool you have.
The solution: Cross cut backsaw/Miter saw for woodworking. It cut very quickly, and left a very clean edge. It easily cut squarely through the multiple ridges on the top of the box. It cuts so easily in fact, that it was easy to over cut at the stop (I did) :) A little fast clean up of the exposed ribs with the utility knife and it was ready to install.

In sure a pro-level band saw would also work if you have access to one.

Also attached is a pic of the Arrow front header pipe after cleaning the severe bluing off after initial start up with the 02 sensor. I used Simichrome metal polish with grade 0 steel wool. That cleaned the piped to a new silver finish. After restarting with the 02 sensor disconnected and the open airbox, the pipes discolored a much more even deep gold color with no blue. I didn't do a temp check as my infrared thermometer doesn't read that high, but I'm thinking it ran a bit cooler given the less dramatic color change. I know the bike ran better than ever!

Just my $.02. Your mileage may vary. :) Joe X


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Good job on the airbox. That header is extremely nice looking!
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