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Now, would it not be cool if Colin rode for Ducati? :)

Aprilia: Now We Say Good-Bye To Colin and Nori
the new chassis comes about six races too late
by dean adams
Friday, October 31, 2003
Are the rumors of Colin Edwards finally being given his rightful place in the Honda family true? Rumors link him with a Telefonica ride for 2004. The Aprilia pre-event fluff indicates he won't be riding an Aprilia in 2004. That sound you hear in the background? Maybe it's the roar of the re-sale on your Aprilia "Edwards Replica" tanking.

This just in from Aprilia:

This is the last round of the 2003 season for the Alice Aprilia Racing Team. The Ricardo Tormo circuit is hosting the last race: the track is very slow but very exciting for the crowd as they watch the whole track from the grandstands. This is the last chance to get the best result of the season before the vacation but the Italian team there's a lot of work to do anyway: in fact they will test on the Spanish track since Tuesday with Marcellino Lucchi in order to improve the 2003 MotoGP project creating the 2004 bike. This is going to be the last race on the Italian bike for both riders: Colin and Nori will say good by to RS Cube this week end.

GIGI DALL'IGNA (Project Leader): "We have only the time to say good bye to Colin and Nori with the best wishes for their career and then we start immediately the 2004 season work. In fact we are going to test here after the GP with Marcellino Lucchi in order to arrange the future MotoGP bike. We will test the new engine soon but in the mean time we are working on the chassis setting. New chassis, new swingarm and different solutions to test and to complete. This work will allow us to create the bike for the next season. Now we are ready to end the season with a good result even if we are a bit nervous because of the tests".
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