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Anyone up to it?

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I really at least want to get out at least one last time before the season ends. :'( So I just want to know if there is anyone out there who will be willing to let me ride beatch this Saturday?? I'll even throw in a big kiss for good measure!!! :-*
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Where are you guys? I'll give you a ride for a kiss! Where's our thong pic?!!? ;)

So let me get this straight-you have a thong VIDEO?!!? That's even better!
I think that probably sounded good!

Are you planning on getting a Monster this winter? I assume you aren't interested in riding pillion forever...
Do you know what Monster your gonna get? New or used? I bought a left over and saved a couple thousand dollars.
Tony where's that quote from? It cracks me up!

I work for an architecture firm and get paid like an artist-a starving artist! I may switch sides to construction management soon...
I LOVE that guy! I downloaded a bunch of his comedy from Kazaa. Dave Attel is damn funny too. Insomniac is a great show but ironically I hate staying up that late to see it!
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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