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Is anyone out there running w/ 15/40 gearing? I don't want switch out the front sprocket because of "potential" chain bind and premature wear issues. If I went up to a 41t out back would I have to replace my chain? I don't really want to replace my chain yet because it only has 1500 miles on it. Would adding 3 teeth out back allow me to keep my stock chain but get close to the equivalent of a 14/39 ratio?

i went with 15/39 and found it easy to keep the chain. you _may_ be able to pull off 15/40, but i'm not sure.
as for potential issues going to a 14 in the front, i haven't had any and found the 14/39 setup to be "just right" for my s4 running cans/airbox mod.
i may find it's a bit "over the top" with the nichols f'wheel and lightweight clutch assembly but we'll see...
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