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Anyone on 7 lakes today

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I was with a few Harley friends heading north about 1pm, saw another red/white S2R heading south.

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Hey Mark. I was heading south down Seven Lakes Rd. today around that time. Did a casual loop around Greenwood Lake and discovered 17K. What a beautiful twisty road.

How's the new exhaust +? Is it all you expected?
Unbelievable ;D

Totally different bike.

Very glad I did it - I have much more room to grow into this one - much more power than is really required on these roads.

And that sound.......pure Ducati...

You will defenitely here me coming, next time we ride.

And yes, 17K is nice...
Huh!? What did you say, Mark? I can't hear you over those pipes!
Yeah, ah-huh. I'm okay with rice too. ;D

Good to hear you're happy with the work. Like a new ride, Huh? Plush.
Maybe I'll get to hear her before snow falls...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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