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Anyone near Weymouth to help a new guy?

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Hey, I just got my Monster 750 and want to install the Cycle Cat frame sliders (already got 'em). I don't have a stand--does someone live near Boston and can help me out with the install? I am actually mechanically inclined, I just don't have the right equipment but am eager to ride instead of waiting to install these. So, if you have some time (tomorrow--Sat, maybe?) and are willing to help, drop me a line. Thanks!

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I did mine without a front stand.

Do you have a garage? Throw a strap over a rafter and hang your bike from the upper triple. I used a ratchet tie down to hoist the bike up. This was really just to stablize it. Grab a jack and place it under the motor(use a board) and jack up to take tension off mount bolt. You should be able to just slide it out and the new one slides in.

If you have another person around they can just grab the bike from the front using the bars to keep it upright. I helped a friend do his this way on his driveway.
My friend's garage doesn't have rafters, but I'll just try it in the driveway, with one of us holding it. Thanks for the tips.

What's a good rear stand that's not expensive but is not crap quality?
gorus said:
What's a good rear stand that's not expensive but is not crap quality?
I bought a 2nd-hand rear stand for 2-sided swingarms for $50 from a guy on Craig's. It's called a "pit bull" and it seems to be pretty sturdy. I've heard that you don't want to leave the bike on it for a long time since it can slide since my bike doesn't have spools, but I've had it on there for a few hours with no problems.

Before I got the stand I just slid a steel rod through the axle and held it up on either side with car jackstands. Pretty swamp-yankee but it worked fine for stuff like chain maintenance, the big problem being that you can't take the rear wheel off if you do it that way. I already had the jackstands and the steel rod was only a few bucks at the hardware store.

Shoot me a PM if you want to borrow the stand; I live in Dedham which isn't too far from Weymouth.
Pit Bull's the cat's meow, but spools do make a big diff both in terms of security and ease of use.

Toby got a great deal for $50!

You can get the spool conversion from Pit Bull pretty cheap and install spools. Was a very good thread on that mod recently.

And.... didn't know Toby's a Dead Head ;D
Thanks for the info--I will get a stand soon.

Actually, another generous member helped me out--I dropped by his place on Saturday and he helped me install the sliders. Too bad I low sided on the way to his place! I didn't make it by just a mile. Would have definitely helped to have the sliders on. I can fix everything but the nice souvenir tank dent. That's all right as it will serve as a nice reminder to be careful and also that nothing lasts forever. Cheers!

I got my stands from the parts wanted forum on this site. I posted up what I was looking for and got a set of LP stands (front & rear) for $60.
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