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Anyone ever hear of these bikes before? kustom culture cycles

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Anyone ever hear of these bikes before? kustom culture cycles
It doesn't sound like a very established company, but I like the ClassicRetro idea. A modern motorcycle made to look old and perform new. Kind of what I am looking for.
The concept was obvious yet challenging: to capture a pure style, make it reliable and available today. The Super 80 series combines modern performance with classic styling to achieve a look that will never be mistaken for any other brand of motorcycle in the parking lot. Where performance is not measured in speed, but rather the stories told at the end of the day.

Upon first look, the Super 80 series is easily mistaken for highly restored vintage cycles. Upon further inspection, it reveals a distinct blend of familiar shapes, bold colors and an attention to detail – a look not found in any custom today.

These fully developed and continuously tested bikes represent a fresh new approach to any once traveled road. It's the sensation of riding on top of the tank in a bucket seat suspended by comfort and ease. Every function you control leads to modern performance. Reliable horsepower from factory OE engines. Braking from 4 piston calipers. Solid state electrics throughout. And a gearbox with another gear. It's as good as it gets.

The Super 80 R Classic series has everything a motorcycle rider wants today: form fit and comfort as well as reliable function and servicability ease. It's like finding an old bike in a barn that's brand new.

kustom culture cycles - contact
South San Francisco
US Headquarters
Phone: 650-871-8333
Fax: 650-871-8366
Contact: Efrem Mah
Email: [email protected]
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Not till now. Kind of pricey though.
The riding position is kind of wierd. It looks like he's trying to piss in the tank [laugh]
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