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Anyone Bought From This Guy? Ohlins Ebay

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I've heard great things about Kyle Racing. That's all I know though.
I have - great transaction. Totally legit, and very fast shipping. They even set the spring weight.
I just wish I could afford that...
Bought the same forks and have nothing but good to say about dealing with Kyle Racing.
swerdna said:
Linky no workee for me.
still works for me. do you need help with teh interweb?
yep Kyle Racing is tops [thumbsup]
I bought my shock directly from Kyle Racing, good service, no hassles. [thumbsup]
I've dealt with Kyle Racing several times regarding my RC51. Great folks, would recommend them to anyone. I know it doesn't matter on the board but they really know their stuff on the RC51s!
bought shocks for the 900ss and beyatch... no complaints...

had my eye on a penske for the ss for a long time; but i bought two ohlins for almost the price of one penske.

they're more than adequate for my skills.
dans the man [thumbsup]
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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