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Anybody wanna trade?

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After seeing my M620 dark, my best friend fell in love. He wants to trade his engagement ring for a Monster. It is a .78ct diamond rated flawless, as perfect as a real diamond can get. it is in a setting with diamond surroundings, and the entire ring is appraised at over $5k. Bike for engagement ring, he figures when you get one, you have to get rid of the other.................any takers?
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You're kidding right?
Anyone who knows ANYTHING about diamond rings knows you can't sell it for the appraisal value. ("Insurance Value")
We sold my wifes engagement and wedding ring last year for 1/3 of the original purchase price. (previous marriage) And that was more than a jewlery store was going to give us towards her new ring.
She had even bought it at a diamond distributor, not a jewlery store.

Have your friend go to a jewlery store and ask them what they would trade it in for.......
He will be VERY dissapointed.

The only way a Ducati is going to be worth 1/3 of the original purchase price is if it's salvaged or over needs major repairs.

Besides alot of us are lucky enough to have spouses that love motorcycles....;D ;D ;D

Good Luck.
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