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Anybody wanna trade?

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After seeing my M620 dark, my best friend fell in love. He wants to trade his engagement ring for a Monster. It is a .78ct diamond rated flawless, as perfect as a real diamond can get. it is in a setting with diamond surroundings, and the entire ring is appraised at over $5k. Bike for engagement ring, he figures when you get one, you have to get rid of the other.................any takers?
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I totally agree with the whole purchase price thing about the ring. It took me almost 3 years to get rid of a ring..... .78ct, e color, vvsi1, cost me about 5.6k, appraised at six...finally got rid of it for....1800. So tell you buddy to start saving pennies and buy a bike...If you trade it, you'll probably lose a friend when you try and hock the ring
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