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Just a thought, i am kinda orginzing a trip to deals gap, in june around the 23rd, camping or cabin your choice, tow down or ride down, again your choice
i do this yearly, with my Buell freinds, and thought if there was any interest, other pep's would be welcome
Its a cool group, and we plan to keep it that way, not looking for show offs, or know it alls, just a good time, riding the roads, and enjoying the evenings
Wifes are welcome(there will be several there) there is plenty to do, other than riding, including pantoon boats, horse back, hikeing, generally a good time, riders leave on tuesday after work for a 2 day ride down, ariving wedensday, time will depend on the route, returning saturday maybe 1 day maybe 2 again depending on the route
like i said its a good time, but due to the Hoot, you will need to make up you mind kinda soon, as to reserve the proper amount of campsites, if you back out, you still have to pay your fair share(just want to be up front, and not piss anybody off) this will not be a guide service, just a chance to ride with some cool guys, and have some help if there are any problems
let me know what you think
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