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This will be my first outing on the track with Bella ('02S4) or any bike for that matter. Spent some time looking through the track section and I'm getting excited. I have no delusions of grandeur, just looking to learn, have fun and come home in one piece. Not necessarily in that order.

Bike is mechanically sound the tires are good and no leaks. I'm physically sound, have full leathers and am fairly mentally stable.

I've been riding off and on for almost 20 years (ouch) so I'm sure there are plenty of bad habits to unlearn.

Just looking for advice and such so thanks in advance.

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Have fun and remember if you run a little wide in that turn at least there is not going to be a car coming in the oposite direction. Seriously though, will you be going out with a class or just going for it? I would not recommend going with the slow group, as it is basically just twenty somethings with gsxr 1000s who think there Rossi and have something to prove. I would go with the medium experienced group, find some people riding similar bikes and try to stay with them (within reason). Ask around, also as alot of people would be happy to drag you around the track for a couple of laps to show you the lines. Once you do it though it is quite addicting. You'll see. You will start the day braking waaaaayy to early for turn one, by the end of the day you will have your brake markers set. Be safe rubber side down.

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I'm no expert, but here are my thoughts...

The most important thing is just to relax and look forward to having fun. If the track day is run by professionals, it should be a no pressure affair for the novice group.

Make sure that you have your bike ready a couple of days early so you dont have to stress out on that. Take off anything you can that isn't necessary. Typically it doesn't take much longer to remove stuff than it does to tape stuff up, and that just gets more stuff out of your way.

Start getting hydrated a couple of days before the track day as well. Just make sure that you have a drink in your hand most of the time (I like 50/50 water and gatorade). If you aren't peeing clear the night before, you're officially behind the curve.

Take an ice chest with enough to drink in it to consume about a liter between sessions.

If you're going somewhere hot and they don't have a covered paddock, invest in an EZ-up or some other shade. When I was a Pahrump last weekend, I would've died without my EZ-up.

Take your basic tools, some spare fasteners, duct tape, and zip ties. It's amazing how things will need to be adjusted or fixed that wouldn't normally come up. Also, make sure to take an air pump and a tire gauge.

That's all I can think of right now, have fun,

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Hey, are you going to the Motocorsa Track Day? I need to do some work on my bike, I just got it and put new carbs on and its running lean so that has to be corrected by then. If all goes well I will be out there for my first track day also. As you know the guys at MC are great and a friend of mine went to one this year and said the day was well put together. The beginner group was quite tame which is what I will want for my first time out. Wish me luck and hope to see you out there. By the way I have a dented yellow 900 monster with a custom painted rear cowl.

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Thanks all this really helps.

I plan to strip all the lights and remove the mirrors but not till I get there.

From what I have been told they place you based on how you handle the first couple laps.

Hey Splinter-

Yup heading to PIR with Motocorsa. They are a great group, I was out there yesterday and Kat gave the bike the once over. Riding home in the heat and traffic sucked. My sympathies to those who do it all the time.

If you get it tuned are you going to be on the 996?

I'll watch for you.

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At this point the only bike that I will take to the track will be the Monster. The potential for financial loss is much less! I am going into MC tomorrow for new tires and sprockets & maybe some tips on tuning the carbs. What color is your bike so if I make it out I can locate you?

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don't ride the bike to the track. someone did that when i took rider's school and the bike didn't survive the weekend.

don't try to go fast by overcooking the entries of the corners. i read somewhere a great quote that i try to live by "its better to go into the corner too slow and come out accellerating than to go in too fast and come out dead."

practice is not a race. noone wins practice.
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