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Any other North Puget Sound Riders here?

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Met up with green98gt and a couple of his buddies for a ride today - what a beautiful day for January... too bad there's still so much sand on the roads.

Anyhow, this was first for me - I hadn't ever met up with anybody through the internet before... So - if you live in the Everett vicinity and want to get together for a group ride (or maybe a few cold ones) post here and we'll get something going.
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I'll be down for a ride once I get my girl back together in a month or two. Doing the winter upgrades/mods right now.

Look for Brad, he's out and out I'm sure.

I think I'd be up for that. Perhaps at a restuarant that we can bring the kids to?
Mmmm, Cafe Veloce. My favorite restaurant! I am SO down...
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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