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I had an unusual noise coming from the crankcases - sort of a groaning whine. Not really loud, but noticable in a closed area. It's a bit difficult to pick over the dry clutch.

Anyway, being a bit worried, I dropped the oil to have a look for metal. I only found one splinter about 2mmx0.5mm on the sump magnet (relief), but then saw this flake (below) on the screen.

It's a plastic type material, but impreganted with metal flakes. Any idea what it is? Some sort of gasket sealer? I'm not worried, just curious (unless I should be worried).

I haven't taken the oil filter out yet, I'll cut it open when I do to check for anything nasty.



That looks like excess gasket material. I pulled a few metal pubes from my oil screen as well, but not enough to worry about.
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