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Any experience, good or bad with Phoenix pants?

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Any comments, crash tests, etc on these Joe Rocket pants? how about similar open mesh pants?

I am considering these as overpants for all season driving; over jeans when cold, over shorts when very warm!

What do you guys and gals think?
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Re: Any experience, good or bad with Phoenix pants

I have read a couple reviews of the Phoenix gear and the general consensus seems to be: It offers a somewhat satisfactory level of protection but will fail in ways that leather will not. In other words, it can protect against large areas of road rash, but will still wear through in impact specific points, shoulders, knees, etc. But what really made me decide to go with leather were the reports that said that the friction in a crash or slide can melt the textile to your skin. No thanks. Apparently Ellen's friend has experienced this and the thought of it freaks me out.

Sorry I can't give you a review of the Phoenix pants- I considered them for about a second and then decided on leather and I'm very happy with my choice. Also, if you are thinking about getting them because you ride in hot weather, I ride in LA and my Vanson perfs do a fine job of keeping me relatively cool.
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