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Hi all, I've searched through the forum and haven't been able to get a definitive answer. I'm thinking about picking up a 2007 s4rs from a dealer (it will be my first duc!!!) with 3200kms. It has a full Zard exhaust on it. Now here's the problem, I have no idea what the previous owner did when he put on the exhaust... was it just bolted on with stock ecu, did he get a dp ecu or did he custom tune it with a pciii (or a combination)? No clue. (I've asked the dealer to chk to see if there is a powercommander, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet).

So here's the question, is anyone out there riding an s4rs with full Zard on stock ecu? And more importantly, is this harmful to the engine?

From my experience with japanese sportbikes, I know that you need to custom tune the bike after fitting a full exhaust. But, this is to maximize the hp potential (and to smooth out the curves).. I don't think running a full exhaust on stock ecu hurts the engine.....

I want to buy this bike, but I'm a little hesitant bc I don't know what kind of modification was done to it (if any).

Tks in advance!!
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