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I understand that a "dry clutch" doesn't have oil all over it, so im guessing it works just like a car's clutch does. Does a dry clutch operate differently than a wet one? I know the action is the same, but whats the reasoning for including a dry clutch in a bike's design? I also understand they make noise, whats that all about? Thanks all,

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Basic construction of the Ducati dry clutch is the same as the wet clutch.

Dry clutch is a roadracing thing, less power loss from not churning as much oil, quicker to change clutch plates if you fry 'em from the standing start with high gearing, almost no drag with it in gear and clutch pulled for a bump start, like 'back in the day' roadracing starts were done.

You are incorrect; they don't make noise, they make music.... ;)
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