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Amsterdam monsters

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Hey Guys.
800darkdread is in AMsterdam right now; Any monster riders in the area? Let me know so we can smoke one up and chill.
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Yep, this is DUCky in Amsterdam. Skier is right! Much nicer to rent a bike and go for a ride. What better rush than to ride a Ducati?

I think you will find plenty of places to smoke and chill. I gave up the first when I was 16 but I still chill ;D

Have a good time! Try and spend some time in the 'Vondelpark'. If the weather is nice that is the place to be.....

TonyJ, about the Dutch....

I would say that together with the Ozzies, the Dutch are the most relaxed and tolerant people in the world. It is all good over here. There is much less violent crime here. There is still a hard drugs problem, but softdrugs are OK and everybody is cool with it. Even countries like Switserland are now following our lead and legalising the use of softdrugs.

If you want to go visit a prostitute, you are free to do so. Prostitutes actually pay taxes here in the Netherlands. This has helped to get this out of the underground scene as well, with a positive effect on hygene and safety.

You still have to watch your back in Amsterdam (you don
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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