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I have been planning to go. I had a few people that were going to go with me but they all backed out. I am currently looking for anyone that would like to ride from Baltimore, md. leaving fri night and returning sun night. I have two rooms reserved for sat night at $65.00ea. The time for advance ticket purchase is closng fast.

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Heh. Just asking. It's near ye olde ancestral manse ;D, and I'm curious as to how much action is being drawn there to the Southside.

I'd recommend the Holiday Inn Express on Rt 58 in South Boston as being a nice motel and closest place to the track, methinks. There are a few restaurants, etc. in SoBo, but more in Danville, to the west.

I was just out in that part of the world last week; found out about the races too late to change my plans to stop by. :-[
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