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Am I the only one thats pissed off at this?

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look at it this way:

she's keeping the bug guts off the bike
620mblack/Ti avenger said:
you can catch up on the discussion here.
why would there be disscussion in that thread? [cheeky]
Grant money paid for that bike ::)

Art comes in many forms

Monkeys handed a brush
Throwing buckets of paint into airplane jet engine wash
Pictures of cross' in urine.
Parents painting the soles of their children's feet and having them walk on a canvas.
Refrigerator magnets
Soup cans
Chalk squiggles on a sidewalk

If she wants to paint with bug goo..... let her.
(if taxpayers are funding it......boooooooooooo)
If there is a market for bug goo paintings...more power to her.
As eclectic as my taste in art is..... it ain't my cup-o-tea.
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grant money? trust fund? sugardaddy? who knows... the viewer comments are great, though!:

"Good work getting your friends to heap piles of hyperbolic nonsense on your page.
honestly, those first few comments sounded like they came from a 'how to make artists feel good' quotebook."

"Absolutely retarded. You are not an artist and this takes no talent. The only reason you are getting any attention is that you are a mildly cute blonde on a motorcycle. If you were fat and ugly, you would receive no attention. This is an example of everything wrong with art today. This is pure crap."

and my favorite:

"i found myself riding my bike, and thinking about art, and then realized i was actually retarded."

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Unique Art (Using a Duc)

I don't post much... but this just couldn't go unposted.

Via Fark
"Step 1: Be a hot, blonde artist. Step 2: Strap your paintings to the front of your Ducati to collect splattered bugs. Step 3: Profit"

Re: Unique Art (Using a Duc)

via 620 : several post down [cheeky]
Re: Unique Art (Using a Duc)

OK man, since it's your second post I'll let it slide,

but thats it, no more passes

Re: Unique Art (Using a Duc)

Man, super lame. ;D

Searching bugs and art just didn't cut it this time... feel free to belete.
Re: Unique Art (Using a Duc)

As in... Beleted!

homestarrunner... ah highschool
and my very favorite,

"Instead of bugs maybe you could try oncoming traffic?"
I think its neat, Id buy one. Could always say it was created by a monster. Go ahead and flame me.
Ducati featured her on their home page not too long ago.
as an artist I was disappointed, but not surprised. I don't think it merits (if any) more dicussion... but that is just me
she sould just try covering the eadlight with a canvas and go a for a night run.
Paper5tr3et7 said:
she sould just try covering the eadlight with a canvas and go a for a night run.
[laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [thumbsup]
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