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First off, I know it will be a personal fit questioin...but what do you guys know of the differences and benefits for both pairs, comparetively? Citing armor, fit, function, and of course bang for the buck.

Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex: http://street-bikes.ridegear.com/cg...F-5727_Jet_Road_Gore-Tex_Pants.html?E+scstore

FirstGear HT: http://www.intersportfashions.com/prod_pants_ht.htm

I will be wearing these guys anytime but in the pouring down rain, so I want something that will stay cool with the hotter days, but warm in the colder 45 degree weather. (Seattle) I am partial to the ballistic nylon look over leather riding pants, otherwise I would get a pair of Vanson leather riding pants. I'll probably throw some chaps on for the serious riding days as well.

Go ahead and suggest another product if you dont like both! Please nothing with all the colors of the rainbow though...like most typical racing gear.



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I have the FirstGear HT Pants. Mine have soft armour in the hips and the knees, but it doesn't seem up to much. Fit is ok, but I feel they are a bit low in the crotch, meaning that they ride up when I put both feet down on the bike, which pulls the legs up and sometimes makes my boots stick out (so would prefer a higher crotch).

They are fine wet weather gear though, and really warm. Haven't warn them without the liners yet.

I won't be wearing these in the summer, so I'm looking around too. But, the full length side zips probably would offer decent ventilation.

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I have the HT pants also. Great rain pants and have seen good deals on clearance. Should be much cheaper than Gore-tex. I think the sizes run a little big. Most 34s pants are snug, HT's are a little big. If it weren't for the velcro closures, I'd probably have to shorten them. I can't imagine the boot problem above. Guess it's a matter of fit. They do have tall sizes.

Great in the rain. Rarely use the zip-in thinsulate liner. They are not cool in summer but what is other than mesh?
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