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First motorcycles were slow and less dangerous to ride so helmets were invented later when engines became more powerful allowing to ride much faster. Helmet prototypes were made of thick leather. After a British neurosurgeon was shocked with the influx of injured riders with head traumas, he offered to implement hard shell helmets preventing skull injuries from impacts. Later, the British army made wearing helmets mandatory for all motorcyclists, resulting in a drastic reduction of severe injuries and fatalities.

Today, motorcycle helmets are being tested to receive safety certification. Some of the most common certifications are DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL. What are the differences between them? What are the safety test procedures? All that and more about helmet history you can find in the full article by our technical writer Timothy Zahl at the link below.

Helmet Certifications | What are the Differences among DOT, ECE, SHARP, & SNELL?

Current versions of some of the helmets mentioned in the article:

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