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M1000 Akrapovic Racing SP Exhaust System only $899

Akrapovic Racing SP Exhaust System: Monster 1000

Sale Price: $899.99
List Price: $1,399.99

limited to stock on hand

Only available in Titanium canisters-
This system begins to show its true colors from 3700 rpm on. The engine breathes fully and the increase in power over the stock system runs right into the overrev range without any dropouts. Below 3700 rpm the engine follows the stock curve. Max power is 84.9 hp at 7880 rpm, while the max increased power is 4.3 hp at 5400 rpm.
All tubes and the muffler interior are made of stainless steel.
Mufflers conform to regulations for street use - street legal
Muffler outer sleeves are made of titanium
The header tubes are made of high quality stainless steel and are cylindrical, while the stainless steel link pipes are conical. The link pipes and header tubes are connected with a free-floating joint held together with high-quality silicon-shield tensioning springs. The system also has built-in interference crossover tubes, which produce superior results in funnelling off the exhaust gases.
The mufflers and link pipes are welded together to form a single component on either side of the bike. The mufflers are attached to the frame using the well-tested Akrapovic carbon-fiber clamps. The system also includes a specially designed carbon fiber heat shield which is both a functional and aesthetic complement to the exhaust system.
MAX Power -
Stock: 83.9 / 8000 rpm
Akrapovic: 84.9 / 7880 rpm
WEIGHT Comparison -
Stock 12.60 lbs.
Akrapovic: 5.98 lbs.
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