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Airbox material?

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Re: the modified airbox

I've been told that if it's ABS I can glue a fabricated front guard in place (to keep the rain out of the open top), and if it's a thermoplastic I can weld it.

Anyone know for sure what the black plastic is?

I can take a piece to the plastics store tomorrow and they'll tell me, but this might be quicker.

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My guess is an HDPE. I don't have it in hand but I don't remember it feeling or cutting like an ABS.

Do the burn test on a part of the part you cut off. Look at smoke color and flame color.
The flame test is something like if it is an blue/orange flame w/ whike smoke it is an olefin based polymer and if it is a blue only flame w/ black smoke it is something else. I can get the specifics for you tonight, I have to find what book it is in.

If you light it and the smoke smells like wax it is olefin based. Sorry for the vague info but if you cannot ID it from looking at it, burn it!
Damn! I had my plastic material identification sheet all ready to scan in!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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