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Well since work is dead, time to make work with my Duc to-do list for the weekend

DML Alternator Cover*
Fender Eliminator*
Clean re-oil and grease K&N Filter
Cut Airbox Lid
Clean Plugs
Replace fuel line clamp
Swap stocker gas cap for Billet
Drill out headlick-bucket bolt that's way stuck
Swear at above item
Drill more, swear more
Clean up that mess & have a beer
Remove Headligh brakcets for painting
Mount 1/2 tail w/ lights.
Shim seat latch to the dang this will latch
Monkey with the pressure plate
Bolt on a new front hugger - if it arrives.
And something that I'm forgetting...

*for friends bike

What's on your to-do list?

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Disassmeble one S4
Get another S4 frame ready for rebuilding another bike.
Finish 851 (gotta service forks, shock, coolant and fluids.)
Disassemble 900 engine
Reassemble 748 (649) engine and measure for new Carillo Rods.

That should keep me occupied for awhile. ;)

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Mine is as long and distinguished as the OP's, here are the highlights:

Remount tank
Modify Airbox with Conversion Ring
Install Quat-D Ex Box
Rejet Carbs
Install CycleCat Clipons.
Buy and install new grips.
Install "GP" Radial M/C's.
Install Rizoma Reservoirs (all 3)
Figure out what the F*** I'm doing about turn signals.
Bleed brakes.
Install new chain & Sprockets
Bleed brakes.
Install new tire, adjust chain
Bleed brakes.
Install billet axle adjuster plate.
Bleed brakes.
Get tired, have a beer.
Stare at brake lines angrily. Threaten to bleed them again.
Put on crankcase cover bling.
Install new crankcase breather, reroute hosing to right side.
Install K&N Vent for crankcase on end of hose.
Bleed brakes.
Snack time.
Bleed brakes.
Look at finished product, to tired to test ride it.
Bleed brakes one last time.

I think that about sums up my weekend, which will be Thursday and Friday as I have to work the holiday weekend (New Years).
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