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I'm in the process of doing cafe mods to 2007 S2R1K. Removed side covers and cleaned up coil and wiring, but, now the dumpy OEM oil breather box is visible.

After a lot of research, consensus is best approach is open valve at crankcase, OEM box, and then a PCV/diverter/reed valve between breather tank and air box.

So, I don't want to go with breather box deletion to achieve aesthetic goals. The question then is, has anyone come across an aftermarket box that is less obtrusive, or has anyone modified the existing box or fabricated an alternative?

I purchased a used breather tank on eBay for a few bucks so I could cut it open and see how it ticks, and it is basically a hollow box with a divider in the middle to separate the two hoses - no other baffling or screens or anything.

Seems like it would be possible to cut part of the bottom off, and mold plastic onto it to create shallower tank. However, that still wouldn't be enough to clean up the space, so it would seem aftermarket would be only viable option.

Anyone have any experience with aftermarket boxes/cans and recommendation of model and mounting location?
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