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Aftermarket Coils & Wires?

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I know I may be nitpicking here, but can anyone point me toward some good aftermarket coils & wires for either an S4R or 900SS? I've heard you can get noticeable performance improvement by replacing the stock ones. Any experience here?
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What he said.

I see plenty of recommendations for the carbed bikes, but nothing for us fuelies...
OK, my desmoquattro maintenance guide says that one should not swap out to higher-current coils or wires because of the load they place on the electrical system. So much for that idea :)
I don't think you'll get a performance boost -- at least not on the fuelies.

For wires, Magnecor is good. I got replacement wires so I could route my wiring differently and relocate (i.e. "hide") my front coil.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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