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for an EFI bike, would there be a BAD effect on getting aftermarket pipes without remapping the ecu? Would opening up the exhaust force the bike to run leaner due to increased airflow, or is all the airflow controlled by the computer anyways?

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the ECU does _not_ automatically adjust for backpressure. as such, your bike will run a bit leaner with aftermarket cans installed. but nothing outrageous as the stock airbox restricts intake enough that you won't be dangerously lean.

here's a blurb i posted a while back:

most simply put, you should have no problems running your bike with aftermarket cans and NO other changes.

here's why...
your stock airbox lid is restrictive enough for intake that it'll prevent the bike from running TOO lean with free-flowing cans installed.

here's more...
NO aftermarket exhaust company offers a replacement chip with their cans for the m620 or any '02+ ducati aside from "ducati performance". this is because the computer in all '02+ bikes doesn't have a replaceable chip in it like previous generations.

more info...
keep in mind that all ducati's are shipped to the US with a mixture that's leaner than ideal to meet EPA emissions standards. this being the case, it's again NOT TOTALLY NECESSARY, but a good idea to tune the fuel injection even if you keep the stock cans! note that a common mod done in conjunction with free-flowing exhaust is to cut open the airbox lid for better intake. if you do this, then you'll DEFINATELY want to tune your fuel injection to prevent a dangerously lean running condition.

what are your options?
1) you cannot remap the stock chip. the mapping is hardcoded in the computer. it's just not an option. however, you CAN tune it for a slightly richer mixture by hooking up the ducati diagnostic (mathesis) computer and altering the allowable CO levels and by changing the TPS (throttle position sensor). this is not the _best_ way to do it but probably the cheapest as long as your dealer's not ripping you off. probably $100 or so (couple hours of labor to fiddle/trial/error).

2) you can get a "tfi" unit(www.techlusion.com) they don't have the m620 listed but it shares the throttlebodies and TPS with the 750's so you should be all set there. the tfi will allow you to dial in a more ideal mixture based on idle, partial throttle and full throttle. you could do this yourself by "feel" or you can bring the bike to a shop that has a dyno to have it done properly.

3) you can get a powercommander(www.powercommander.com) which works similarly to the tfi unit mentioned above, but allows finer tuning with more adjustability. it's also more expensive (you get what you pay for).

4) last but not least is the Ultimap 5.9(www.fuelinmoto.com.au/ look under "news"). this replaces the stock ecu and is probably the best option on the market but it's also the most expensive.
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