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Advice?? '98 monster for $1000???

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I just spotted a '98 monster w/ 38,000 mi on it, and the guy's sellin it for $1000. I live in Northern California and I'm curious about maintenance costs, etc . . . am I setting myself up for a massive cash hemorrhage here? Dude says it's in good shape. Ideas, comments, concerns?
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Welcome to the DML!!

For $1k, almost any bike is a steal. The price is so low that sounds sketchy.

Is it a 750 or 900? That's a high mileage bike. People *can* start having expensive problems at that point. Not everyone will, but some folks have. Does he have maintenance records?

Where in NorCal? If you're South Bay and it's a real, live bike, you should have Nichols take a look at it, and if you're near SF, Desmoto.
I'm in Stockton (the armpit of the valley!). Also, i'm a pretty big guy (6'2", 260lbs) will I fit ok on this thing?
Whether you fit or not, I would buy it in a heartbeat. You can make more than that parting it out or even cleaning it up and sitting on it a while with a for sale sign on it.

If you buy it, I will offer you $1500 for it right now and come pick it up.

Just my dos centavos.

ZLTFUL said:
Just my dos centavos.
Gracias amigo! I'll let you guys know what happens . . .
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