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well I was late again this morning......
met tj and nitro at bubs, and left right away....
fairly nice ride to stillwater and then off to prescott and pepin.
once in pepin we met up with eric and his new 748 so as tony was going to see mom, (how was mom?) eric and I hit a few bets on the way back.
Hey remember when we were at bubs yesterday and we saw a guy with a retro jacket going into flanders brothers? you remember me saying how I hate to see anyone but me in those things? ::) okay anyway it turns out he is eric's friend.
hopefully they will find their way here, and not be too frightened.
tony said he also met another girl yesterday with a monster.....
let's remember to keep the sales drive going and sell those maddog cookies, and don't forget to mention how they fight tartar.
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