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Dread and I are riding together once again.
Illinois' airy bitterness has been much milder recently, and thought Dread might like to inhale.

The Honda was parked, with a split lip.
Someone backed into Sades' face and cracked her sensitive fiberglass lip. Upset yet calm, I squashed it as meaningless anger, although this was the second time in 3 days someone physically molested her. Anyhow, Dread was sane enough to let me take it out on him.
In fact, one night recently I was feeling a little uptight and Left Michelin deposits on I-94 towards Lake Cook Road and back. It felt good to slice air again, becoming one with life. Had many onlookers amazed at either:
This crazy kid riding in this weather ;),
or just bewildered that my mirrored helmet is from another galaxy. ::)
Nevertheless, I was content with the needle at 100, feeling free like sex. :-*


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I will be doing that Wednesday to take my baby to Lemont to have her worked on. I will be without her for a week or two. I cant wait to get her back though. Ruben I know whenever and wherever you will be there with us riding free. Peace bro

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Here's the poem.

My Sexy Beach
She was my favorite beach to visit
When I need to satisfy my flesh,
My blood would rise to my sin
When I basked in her rays of sex.
She has an uncharted cave along the coast
Secretly hidden by the moss,
With twin mountains set atop,
Where I used my hands and lips to walk across.
Her coast was nice and pleasant
Remaining unblemised by the sun,
At night she was even more beautiful,
Either time I was sure to come.
Her pearl in oyster was smooth to the touch
And cause excitement even more,
To the love birds who screamed in flight
As my waves of love pounded the shore.
My favorite beach aimed to please
No matter what the weather,
'Cause even in the dryness of the sun,
She was a few steps from getting wetter.

Rueben Carter


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Whos' Bukowski? I have to admit I don't read too much of others work; it kinda influences my train of thought. What kind of work did B-dog write?


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well, one of his books was titled "notes from a dirty old man" or something to that extent...he pretty much writes about a writer (himself) trying to make it being a writer and all the craziness (lots of insanity) that surrounded him...

basically, he was a raging alcoholic (dare i say womanizer) who wrote numerous books/poems/speakings and is pretty well known...more famous since he's now dead; naturally...

i'll loan you a couple books when we get a chance to go riding and such ;)
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