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Adjustable fuel pressure regulator?

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Can a person add an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to a 02 Monster 750 to get more fuel in the mixture? Would a car regulator work just as well? What psi does the 02 750 run? TIA Later, Dan
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Re: djustable fuel pressure regulator?

That's what the "Modify" button on the upper right is for.. ;)

An adjustable fuel pressure regulator can allow you to do just that. I think Motowheels has 'em.
Took me a minute to catch on???..you edited your first post.

I have no FHE on what you're doing, but my $.02:
A car regulator should work fine, my only caution is that they may be a higher flow capacity than what is necessary for a Monster, so it may act a little funny. They may also be physically large and thus tough to find a mounting spot.

IIRC, my S4 runs at 45psi. I don't have my service manual in hand, I'll try to remember to check tonight.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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