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ACH Ride today.....

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Thanks to everyone I met....great group, great roads,
I am in heaven here.....thanks again.......

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Good times, Retro. Your 620 Dark was haulin' booty down Bouquet :D

PCH was completely open all the way to Santa Monica on the ride back, and the temperature was actually quite agreeable. Drove my car to pick up a movie - quiet, smooth, warm, wearing clothes that don't stand up by themselves.... aaaahhh. Boiling water for a nice, large cup of Covent Garden as I'm typing this.

Life is good.

Well, Retro, I hope I wasn't holding you up too much. Usually get a bit of knee-dragging in on that stretch, just wasn't trusting my rubber enough to try that :) I noticed your reverse-shift setup, ever do trackdays on the Monster?

George, you and Lucas did miss out. The roads were dry all the way and clean for the most part. Somebody else, I believe Supafly, was on new rubber too and was keeping pace well with no problems. Oh, well, next time...

Going to order a new tire now...

I was in front of you most of the time so didn't notice anything funny about your riding. You seemed comfortable on your bike.

I, too, have a problem with tight turns. I think the trick is to just flick it and gass it through the turn. Once in a while I get it right and feel the rear wheel stabilize the bike through the turn, it's a blast when it works out right but ultimately frustrating if you keep succumbing to your survival instinct and go wide, let off the gas, etc. I also think I still haven't quite regained the necessary confidence in my tires after that lowside last February. More trackdays are in order, for sure.

Keep in mind that there are two Willows (three, in fact). The Streets of Willow, which are the tight stuff you're talking about. Great fun, very bumpy. I only got two sessions in on that one before I crashed there, can't wait to go back. Willow Springs Raceway (same facility, different track), which is superfast with one 5th-gear-throttle-pinned-decreasing-radius-sweeper. And Buttonwillow, which I haven't yet been to but which is rather technical as well.

Let me know when/ if you go, I want to go, too. Also planning on presenting myself with a school day or two this X-mas - Code or Pridmore. We'll see.

So much fun, so little money and time.


PS: I too am grinding my right toe slider on occasion, even with the Redline rearsets. Just have to hang off more. I also found that the secret to hanging off seems to be to rotate around the tank rather then just sliding your butt out. Think of your tank cap as a pivot point. Then bring your face down to kiss your inside mirror. You can stabilize your upper body by holding on to your tank with your outside elbow, a little tricky on the Monster because of the shape of the tank. Easier on the wide superbike tanks.
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Yeah dude, it's all in good fun. Absolutely no racing going on, just fooling around a bit. Part of the reason why I'm having so much fun with this group of Duc riders is that, contrary to the ricer crowd, they know to stay within their limits. Too many crashes on every R6/ CBR ride I've been on. Takes the fun out of things.

My 620 comment was an inside joke. You'll have to ride with Retro to see what I mean. And Retro, for a guy who was on a 620 AND on new tires (according to David) you WERE hauling booty :D

1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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