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ACH Ride today.....

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Thanks to everyone I met....great group, great roads,
I am in heaven here.....thanks again.......

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Just got home...a little after 6.

300 miles, 10 hours. Great, great ride.

I'm beat and cold. Thick traffic on the freeway until Azusa. :(

I'll recap more later, I'm gonna crawl into the shower and thaw out.
LOL....Oh yeah, just what you guys need, a couple of classes and track days.... ;D

You two hooked up on Bouquet, I blinked my eyes, and you were nearly out of sight. Two more turns and you were gone........
Sorry to have missed you guys. Lucas and I met up at 8:30am in the drizzling rain and decided to punt. Probably not smart for me to run in my new tires on a cold wet day. Glad you guys had fun. Any tickets?

The weather did look questionable, but it never went bad on us.
Would have been better with you guys coming along, but there will be other rides.

Nobody had to stop and talk to 'The Man' and nobody tipped over, so besides being really cold it was a perfect ride!

See you guys on the next ride.
Shoot...Shawn just blew my cover.

I'll admit it, I'm the seldom seen superhero, SkinnyMan.
Master of refueling deception and U-Turns.... :)

Yet I still can't get more than about 5000 miles out of my tires...
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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