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a question for the mobsters

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will the can off a 04 m800 fit and work on a 00 m750. my cans are all tore up from the crash and shinny ones woud be great. also if anyone knows of someone who has handlebars and/or a headlight laying around that would be great to.

thanks ya'll
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I have a confession to make. I have no idea why a can from one monster can't work on any other monster. IMO, they're all perforated insulation tubes, and in spite of all the techno-jumbo and graphs I see, I still think, within each brand, they're all the same.
i know, i talked to a guy at desmoto and he said they won't fit. i don't see why. fingures crossed i can find the answer here.
As far as I know, all the cans are the same for the dual sided swingarms. The only doubt I would have is from the 695 because i think i remember reading that they (ducati) changed the catalytic converter in those.
I think we're just about out of handlebars--seems like there's been a big run on those this summer. [laugh] Headlights? Try Tigre or DrunkenMonkey--my personal parts stores. [cheeky]

I've got no clue about your cans. I overheard some talk about exhausts last night--maybe the pipe won't physically fit into the can? That's my guess...and it's literally a guess...
yea i've going around with this one. i talked to what is supposed to be the best ducati guy in TX, he say they should fit. now i have two professional opinions which are different :-\
what to do..........................................................
Give it a shot...the only difference i note, aside from some of the obvoius between the two bikes, is that the '00 750 is carb'd and the 800 is FI. Not sure if that has anything to do with the pipes.
Unless the swingarm has changed, it'll fit.
They're different lengths for different displacements, but they'll fit dual-> dual w/ the same swingarm.
do you think the different size would affect backpressure in the exhaust system. this is the ony problem i can think of if the cans are slightly bigger.
If they don't work, fit is likely the issue over anything else... mounting points cold be slightly diiferent, as could the pipe-to-can connection. My machine shop in Berkeley could help if either was a problem.

I might have my oem headlight bulb (might), but I'm fresh out of handlebars.

if they are too tight I have a chop saw, dead blow hammer, and the will to mash two parts together that weren't supposed to be together....
As far as i know, (second hand knowledge from Duck Stuart if I remember correctly) All dual sided swingarm monsters have the same cans. They all have Catalytic converters in the first 4 inches or so, even the early 90's carbed ones. The only monster that might not be compatible is the 695, and I think that is a maybe.
The one thing you want to pay attention to here is the swing arm. For example. I have use my 2002 620 carbon cans on my 2005 1k , both monsters. No problems other than the 1k monster swingarm is wider than the 620. Now if the 750 and 800 swing arms are the same, go for it.
thanks for all the replys guys. i am hopefull to have it up and running in the next 2 week. a little late for the riding season but the winters are not that bad. it would be nice to get on the road again.

now the most important question of the day........................month

whens the drinking night, the last thursday of the month, if i remember correctly, is a holiday right. you'll have to forgive my ignorance i'm not a local.
Nov 30 -- last thurs of month. Not a holiday this time 'round. We somerimes adjust if that's the case.
From what I could tell, there seemed to be a difference on the fit on the MY02 break. Seems like one set for MY94-01 and MY02 + for them. Could be a difference on the Fi vs Carb fit.
post up on tech, put up closeup pics / measurements. mebbe someone else can do the same.
will do
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